Proof that xat smilies are satanic,the photo was taking in a darknight on the edge of the retardland of redditism

Xat is a satanic church founded in mid 1666 by Nathan123 aka satan himself.

Xat follows the satanic-xat-cult, they spread their evil all over the world together.

they're spreading all the xatistic-satanism by posting horrible retarded ugly yellow digusting smilies everywhere. the most horrible xat smiley they spread is the xD smiley from xat which i wouldn't upload a pic of, the ugly retardasion would suck your soul straight away at first sight, making you never ever smile again.

Satanic Xat Powers XatPowerDemons:

Nathan sells satanic powers, he lets people pay for retarded jerkish power of xat.

he wants to destroy the world but yet is to greedy to give away free satanic powers.

you have to buy EACH FUCKING POWER, and he even lest you pay the amount of time your xat-satancult-powers are able to work.

XatPowerdemo/Xatsubscriber ranking:

  • Powertard: buys satanic xat powers and has a demonic glow around his name, often also have extra satanic smillies
  • Powerwhore: begs like a retarded child to others to give them free powers, they waste to much money on satanic power that they have to beg their ass off, they have much more demonic glow around them. and are in general jerkass retards
  • Powerjerk: This is the worst and last rank, they're 100% wasted bodies. they use the demonic power of jerkism. they pay nopc nopm and nofollow, allowing to totally jerk you off.

How it began

Nathan realized he was retarded and the ruler of hell, he named himself Nathan123 thinking that it could make him seem smart because he could count to 3. His name in hell and also his birthname is Satan but this name made him unable to work at KFC so he had to change it to nathan that would become nathan123 when starting the Xat-satancult. Nathan payed KFC and renamed it to "LOL NOY NOY NOY GL4 YGF CHICKENBUTT FUNNY" it made him a lot of money which made him able to write the Satanic-xat-bible on 9000000 toilet papers, and build the biggest satanic church ever, when done the satanic xat cult was a real thing.


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