was the only homie that had sense to leave the site and get a life, he started a band with chris nall singing about pony shemales.  The band is named "Cadence up tha boipussie" TFK is doing the screams together with cadence, while chris nall is singing with his high pitched voice, they kick his balls to pitch it up. they're doing this on the single Kick roll for example. where chris nall sings with his pitched voice "OOOAAW CADENCE GIVE MEE A DICK PERIOD KICK THEE BALLS, BLOODY BALLS OOOOAOAAAW!!!!" TFK even shoved a dildo in his asshole to pitch the voice even more. This allows chris nall to sing like the chipmunks  Gerne: EmoChipmunksCore, Bronybeat, humpAndPillow

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